Dives on Elba : Scoglio Fino

  • Dive kind: wall
    Minimum level required: open water diver
    Racomended level: XR nitrox diving, XR
    Navigation: 0,7 miles
    Intererest: Photographic, naturalistic
    Depth: minimum 6m
    Depth: maximum 48m
    Sea bottom: rocky
    Visibility: good


In this site you can make two different dive profiles.

The lower experienced will be able to traverse the overturning of the tip where they will find many yellow gorgonies, among which hide clumps, moray eels and octopuses.

The higher experienced will head to the far end where a series of rocks will take them over 40 meters.

Here you will be able to admire a lot of lobsters in their burrows, big scorpions fish trying to mimic themselves and, occasionally, you can see eagle rays.

Prenota Ora