Dive on Elba : Santa Rita Wreck

  • Type of dive: wreck
    Minimum level required: TRX hipoxyc
    Recommended level: technical wreck diving
    Navigation: 14 miles
    Interest: fotografic, storic
    Depth: 68 mt minimum, 82 mt maximum
    Seabottom: sandy
    Visibility: good


It is a big freighter of 5162 tons, 116 meters long and 16 width. This wreck has changed name many times, Monginevro in 1908, Veniero in 1911, Boheme in 1932 and finally Santa Rita, property of  Ruggero & Merega S.A. and Vittorio De Castro di Genova.
This ship sank in the 28 of march 1946 during the Second World War, after the impact with a mine. The ship is very well preserved.

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