Dives on Elba : Enfola Shore of the Ship

  • Type of dive: wall, shoal, cliff
    Minimum level required: open water diver
    Recommended level: XR nitrox diving
    Navigation: 3 miles
    Interest: fotografic, naturalistic
    Depth: 10 mt minimum, 45 mt maximum
    Seabottom: rocky
    Visibility: good


The rock called “La Nave” gives the opportunity for two types of dives based on your level of experience. The first one is on the external side of the big rock La Nave: the minimum depth is 10 meters, the maximum is 25. Here you can see octopuses inside their nests, groupers and nudibranchs. Inside the ravines of the wall, between the yellow gorgonie you can find congers and big morays; in the deep blue you can also see seabreams and barracuda.

The second itinerary will bring you north toward a cliff that reach 45 meters. With this cliff on the right we can observe yellow gorgonie with lobsters, big rockfishes and the S. Pietro fish. At the end of the cliff it is possible to see the remains of a cart which carried minesfrom the Second World War.

Prenota Ora