Dives on Elba : Peack of Fetovaia

  • Dive kind: wall
    Minimum level required: open water diver
    Racomanded level: deep diving, XR nitrox diving, XR
    Navigation: 10 miles
    Interest: fotographic, naturalistic
    Depth: minimum 6m
    Depth: maximum 45m
    Sea bottom: rocky
    Visibility: good

The dive will take place around the same tip which is at the far end of Fetovaia Cove.

We start our dive away from the coast on a poseidonia bottom, here on the 15 meters we’ll meet the first rocks that, completely covered with red gorgonies, descend over 40 meters depth.

The scenes that will be presented to us are really breathtaking, a lot of fish in the holes, clumps and moray eels principally, but an awared eye can see many dentists hunting in the blue.

Prenota Ora