Diving Services Rates

Dive Rates

Dive € 45,00
Double dive € 80,00
Full day Fetovaia€ 100,00
Double dive Parco Pianosa (taxes included)€ 140,00
Full day Capraia€ to be defined
Extra nitrox or Night dive€ 8,00
Extra guide technical dive€ 80,00
Extra technical dive up 50m€ 20,00
Technical wreck diving min. 4 - max. 6 pax€ 100,00
Check dive e scuba review € 50,00
Baptism of the seaGratis
Try Scuba€ 50,00
Snorkeling excursion (Mask, fin, snorkel included)€ 25,00

Rent price list

Rental of single piece equipment€ 8,00
BASIC equipment rental (wetsuit, mask, fins, boots, gav, octopus)€ 25,00
DE LUXE equipment rental (basic equipment + gloves, computer, torch)€ 40,00
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