Dives on Pianosa Island

On July 17, 2013 was inaugurated the Pianosa buoys field. PNAT has opened to the diving centers underwater contingency for discovering the most beautiful seashores of the island’s protected area.

Diving in Pianosa is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, rich in fauna and characterized by the incredible clarity of these waters.

The dives that Elba Diving center organizes in Pianosa are both within the biological protection zone on Buoys SP 2, SP 3, SP, 6 and SP 7, and on the shoals surrounding the Island just outside the protection zone.

The dive sites are all located along the north side of the island.

Exits within the Pianosa Organic Protected Area are organized in accordance with the PNAT usage and booking arrangements, to know the timetable and booking arrangements, please feel free to contact us. Instead diving on outdoor shoals is free and doesn’t require compliance with PNAT regulation.

Prenota Ora