Dives on Elba : Ants of Zanca

  • Dive kind: shoal
    Minimum level Required: open water diver
    Racomanded level: XR nitrox diving, XR
    Navigation: 3 miles
    Interest: photographic, naturalistic
    Depth: minimum 6m
    Depth: maximum 48m
    Sea bottom: rocky
    Visibility: good

The dive takes its name from the emerging rocks near Punta della Zanca.
It is possible to make two separate dives according to your license level. The first itinerary takes place close to the “shoal”.
We start the dive by heading off to the open sea without leaving the cliffs that we will start exploring while on our left; It will be a continuous succession of parets, canyons and little caves, some of which passing through.
In this itinerary we will surely be impressed by the vivid colors of the sea deisys and the many sponges that cover the rocks, and we can also admire numerous octopuses, crustaceans and moray eels in the holes, some shy grouper and numerous herds of salps and sea brean.
The second itinerary leads us to leave the rocks and to swim northward through a sandy strip, reaching 25 meters we find a series of huge rocks that form a very long wall that slopes well over 40 meters; Here is the kingdom of the red gorgonies that grow majestic and conceal numerous lobsters of good size, there are also large red scorpion fish, hunting hounds and even encounter with the eagle rays is quite frequent.
In one dive, you can not admire the whole wall, but, once saw the beauty of the site, it is certainly nice to come back to dive in again.

Prenota Ora