Dives on Elba : Peack of Zanca

  • Type of dive: wall
    Minimum level required: open water diver
    Recommended level: advanced adventurer
    Navigation: 3 miles
    Interest: fotografic, naturalistic
    Depth: 6 mt minimum, 32 mt maximum
    Seabottom: rocky
    Visibility: good


In this area there are two diving points.
In the first diving point we will begin exploring little rocks called “formiche” on our right side. There will be a lot of little walls, canyons and caves. We will see colorful parazoanthus and sponges, and holes with octopuses, congers, morays, groupers and seabeams.
In the second diving point we will leave the rocks to swim above a sand stripe toward a big wall. Here we can see beautiful red sea funs, lobsters, big rockfishes, sea breams and bald eagle.

Prenota Ora