Dives on Elba : FR70 Wreck

  • Dive kind: wreck ship
    Minimum level required: TXR ipossico
    Racomanded level: technical wreck diving
    Navigation: 8 miles
    Interest: photographic, storyc
    Depth: minimum 64m
    Depth: maximum 75m
    Sea bottom: sandy
    Visibility: good


This is minelayer FR.70 (former French La Coubre).
The ship is lying on the bottom at 75 meters in perfect navigation, still integrating in its perfect look.
The story of this wreck is quite simple: Coubre was a steel trawler and was requisitioned to private people by the French Navy in 1939. It was captured by the Italians in Aiaccio and incorporated into the Regia Marina in 1942.
Built in 1912. Displacement t. 253. Length m. 38.6. Alternative boilers from 510 hp. Speed 10 knots.
The ship was sunk on the island of Elba on July 25th of 1943 by an enemy submarine.
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