Dives on Pianosa : The Shoal of Eagles

  • Dive kind: shoal, wall
    Minimum level required: advanced adventurer
    Racomanded level: XR nitrox diving, XR
    Navigation: 14 miles
    Interest: photographic, naturalistic in the protect m. a.
    Depth: minimum 24m
    Depth: maximum 46m
    Sea bottom: rocky, sandy
    Visibility: good, exellent


Like the shoal of the Ancoron, this is also characterized by vertical walls that descend from the 24 meters of the summit until the 46 meters of the bottom.
Rich in life and luxuriant in the colors on its backdrops, often beaten by a strong current, it is possible to see large banks of dentices, corvine and often the eagle rays from which the shoal is named.
Because of the special conditions this dive is recommended to experienced divers.

Prenota Ora