Dives on Pianosa : Shoal Ausonia 1

  • Dive kind: shoal, wall
    Minimum level required: deep diving
    Racomended level: XR nitrox diving, XR
    Navigation: 15 miles
    Interest: photographic, naturalistic in the protect m. a.
    Depth: minimum 34m
    Depth: maximum 49m
    Fondale: rocky, sandy
    Visibility: good, exellent


This shoal, rather deep is characterized by a granitic backdrop that goes down from the top at 34 to 49 of the sandy bottom that surrounds it.
Splits along the vertical walls are colonized by sponges and very different fauna from each other. Groupers and dentices are fixed guests of these waters and thanks to the favorable conditions of the current it is not rare even encounter with a few specimens of tuna.

Prenota Ora