Dives on Pianosa : Sp2

  • Dive kind: shoal, wall
    Minimum level required: advanced adventurer
    Racomanded level: deep diving
    Navigation: 15 miles
    Interest: photographic, naturalistic in the protect m. a.
    Depth: minimum 3m
    Depth: maximum 36m
    Sea bottom: rocky
    Visibility: good, exellent


It is a dive that, starting from the rocky stand placed at 22m and resting on mobile platform colonized by Posidonia meadows, it can goes around the hard ground until it reaches 4 m depth.
The presence of numerous sub-pyramidal rock spurs makes it possible to create different itineraries and diversions in different directions in the direction of S-N or N-S, so in current or against current.
As you heading along the cliff in the southwest, on a bottom of 14m, there is a cave with a horizontal development of a few meters, with typical coralline population.

Prenota Ora