Useful information: the town of Marciana Marina

A semi-circle stretching around a picturesque bay enclosed to the west by its ancient harbor, Marciana Marina is today a nice town, arranged harmoniously on the seashore and surrounded by the granite summit of Monte Capanne. A center of almost 2,000 citizens, an island in the island that has nothing to do with the seasonal precariousness typical of some tourist centers.
The port dock is dominates from the Saracen harbor tower, otherwise known as Medici’s one, is  the symbol of the country, which was erected since the 16th century for the protection of the landing and already used as a haven on that part of the Elban coast, now it’s a marina for pleasure nautical.


On the opposite side of the bay there is Cotone, which is the oldest center of Marciana Marina, originally a few fishermen’s houses, which, after the reclamation of the narrow coastal plain, expanded along the beach until the tower. The bond with a past in which centuries of popular history and culture have intertwined a robust and solid urban and social fabric is easily noticeable walking along the tamerisks on the main road or the narrow streets that lead inside, among the small land plots, jeeply enclosed in robust walls.
No less evident than the old rural vocation is the influence that the sea have exercised on the Marciana habitants. The wealth of fish and the protected landing have always favored fishing and the Marines have distinguished themselves as commanders and well-known admirers.
But what make more precious to stay at Marciana Marina is its surroundings that deserve something more than a short visit. Poggio and high Marciana, for example, two old villages perched alongside the other, are reachable through the steep road leading to Capanne Mountain among pine woods, chestnuts and holm oaks, and from which the gaze can span over a more Vast horizon, capturing the whimsical contours of the coast, and the glittering expanse of the sea in front of it, the small islands of Capraia emerge in the background and, with some luck, Gorgona as well.


The beaches, fresh thanks to the north exposure and never crowded, are characterized by a clean sea. Near the village are the town beaches of the Fenicetta and Fenicia, the later equipped in the summer. A beautiful walk leads to the picturesque cliffs of Cala and Caletta west of the village, while along the coast from Marciana Marina goes towards Procchio open small sandy cove and rocks reachable with short paths from the provincial road.

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