Dives on Elba

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Dives on Pianosa

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Welcome to the Elba Diving Center!

Enjoy the sea of Elba Island, dive surrounded by its smooth silence, which amplifies emotions and makes each moment underneath its surface unique and magic.
The spectacular view of the Elba coast, that jumps vertically inside these waters and that continues down to the bottom with a whirl of colors, strong and warm in spring, soft and gentle in fall.
In the lovely village of Marciana Marina the Elba Diving Center holds it all.

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For a ‘diving holiday’ on the Island of Elba

  • Full Day e Week End
    Offerta Sempre Attiva
    Min. 6 Max. 12 Persone
    Scoglietto e Pianosa
    Formula Personalizzabile
    Per Info Contattaci
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Dives on Elba Island

Immerse yourself with us in the most of the sites of the Island of Elba

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Dives on Pianosa

Immerse yourself with us in the Marine Park of the Island of Pianosa

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Con esperienza ormai decennale con i gruppi e scuole siamo orgnazizzati per qualsiasi vostra esigenza

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